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Operation Vulcan's Thunder was a 2008 Birmingham Police Department program in which remote-controlled video surveillance cameras were placed in high-crime areas.

40 cameras were installed and monitored around the clock by a private company beginning in the spring of 2008. Surveillors were able to pan, zoom in and out. If they detect criminal activity in progress, police would be notified immediately. The system could also record evidence of criminal activity to aid in investigations and prosecutions. The cameras were divided evenly between Birmingham's four police precincts. Specific locations were specified by the police department. These locations were not disclosed to the public in order to maximize the effectiveness of the disincentive to commit crime. Cameras could be relocated as needed to react to changes in criminal activity.

The project was funded by $1.4 million per year over five years, paid at a rate of $4.00 per hour per camera for 40 cameras. The funding came from a portion of the 1-cent sales tax passed by the Birmingham City Council toward the Birmingham Economic and Community Revitalization Ordinance proposed by then-Mayor of Birmingham Larry Langford. On January 16, 2008 the Public Safety Committee of the Birmingham City Council approved the lone bid for the program submitted by Ion Interactive Video Technologies. The Mayor's chief of operations, Chris Hartsell told the committee that six companies had applied to bid, but that only Ion was able to supply the specified technology. After brief debate and the redaction of a cancellation penalty, the Council approved Ion's contract on January 22.

Ion, which previously employed two off-duty sheriff's deputies as monitors for their private installations, hired 18 additional full-time staff for the system. According to Langford's Chief of Staff, Deborah Vance, the company agreed to a minimum of 50% minority participation in its personnel and subcontracting in order to secure the Council's approval.


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