Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School

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Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School is a private Catholic elementary school that runs from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. It was founded in 1948 as an outgrowth of Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church.

The goal of the school is to teach the faith of the Catholic Church and to provide Black children with a quality education in the Birmingham area. Our Lady of Fatima is a co-ed institution and a predominately Black school. In terms of curriculum, Our Lady of Fatima offers physical education, art, and music classes to its students. Students are immersed in the Gospel of Christ through religion classes every day and weekly masses.

The school provides education to one hundred sixty-six children and has a staff of ten full-time teachers. This creates a fifteen to one ratio between students and teachers. The school runs for eight hours a day and is in session for one hundred eighty days a year. It is a part of the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) and it does not offer boarding to its students.

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