Patton Chapel Plaza

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Patton Chapel Plaza (formerly the Hoover 4 Center) is a two-level, 59,000 square-foot shopping center and office building located at 1678 Montgomery Highway, on the northwest corner of its intersection with Patton Chapel Road in Hoover.

The original shopping center strip was developed by the Arnett Family in the 1970s for McDonald's Furniture Co.. Calder Furniture Co. soon took over that store, and the Arnetts, through their family business, Western Management, expanded with a second building to accommodate their growth.

In 2002 Bruce Arnett announced a major renovation. The relocation of Estes Warehouse Tires from behind the strip across Old Columbiana Road made way for rear parking lots with direct access to the upper floor, which was converted from warehouse to retail/office space. Architect George "Mack" Phillippi designed new openings and exterior finishes and the work was performed for $1.3 million by Dunn Construction.


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