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Pinky /MM Bass or Pinky M. M. Bass' (born 1936) is a photographer, known for her work in pinhole photography. She is a resident of Fairhope in Baldwin County. She has been a featured artist at Space One Eleven and Agnes galleries in Birmingham, and has been shown at the Birmingham Museum of Art as well as at art museums in Houston, Montgomery and Philadelphia. Her work has been published in Aperture and Pinhole Journal.

Bass is known for her inventive self-built pinhole cameras, The first of these, made in 1989, was a giant pinhole built out of a pop-up travel camper, "Pinky's Portable Pop-up Pinhole Camera and Darkroom".

She has won grants for her work from the Alabama State Council on the Arts in 1991, and from the State of North Carolina in 1992 and 1993. She appears in the 2001 television documentary Coat of Many Colors, and her work was used in the Alabama Public Television special, Memento Mori: Positive/Negative.

Bass' installation "Body Notes", which employs petit componia (music box mechanisms) to produce sounds based on a pattern of punched holes tracing the contours of photographic images, was featured at the 2008 Magic City Art Connection festival at Linn Park.


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