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Rags' Bar & Grill or Rags' Italian Bistro was a 42-seat Italian restaurant owned by Bobby and Johnny Lorino at 728 29th Street South in Lakeview. Opened in late 2009, it was named for the owner's father, Bernard "Rags" Lorino. In addition to traditional Italian fare, the restaurant offered numerous sandwich choices, and was also known for its house-made tamales.

In 2011 the owners made plans to rename and move the restaurant to a larger space in the proposed 29 Seven development nearby. The existing space would remain open to serve bar food.

The restaurant closed in Fall 2013. In 2014 Michael Carpri, owner of the adjoining Lou's Pub, took over the lease and purchased the restaurant's equipment. He named it Mia Luna after his daughter.

Preceded by:
728 29th Street South
2009 - 2013
Succeeded by:
Mia Luna


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