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Robert Henry Baugh (born November 12, 1864 in Giles County, Tennessee; died 1935 in Birmingham) was the owner of the Birmingham Arms & Cycle Co. and secretary of the Birmingham Gun Club.

He was the son of William Aaron and Sara Ann Grigsby Baugh and attended the University of Tennessee from 1883 to 1886.

He was an amateur golfer and competed in tournaments across the South. He was credited with laying out the city's first golf course, a 9-hole links on a half acre of North Birmingham adjoining the Birmingham Country Club in 1898. He taught the game to club members, introducing golf to Birmingham. He served as president of the country club in 1901 and as secretary of the Southern Golf Association from 1903 to 1911.

Baugh was president of the Birmingham Baseball Club before 1910, and part-owner, along with William McQueen. When McQueen sold the club to Rick Woodward, Baugh became a stockholder in the Woodward Iron Company. He remained with the team as secretary and joined Woodward in a hunt with Ty Cobb.

As a trap-shooter, Baugh helped organized tournaments, including the Peters Cartridge Co. Tournament held August 7-August 8, 1900 in Birmingham.

Baugh was elected to succeed the late Judge Kavanaugh as president of the Southern Association in 1915.

He was married to the former Martha Webb. He died in 1935 and is buried in Greensboro.