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Rock House Restaurant was an upscale casual Italian restaurant at 725 29th Street South in Lakeview. It was opened in 2006 by former caterer and antique dealer Paul Anthony Casey, who had worked for Bacco in New Orleans and operated the Lakeview Bistro in the same space previously. The restaurant was known for using a bubble machine in the front lawn to attract attention.

The menu featured Italian and creole dishes made with fresh ingredients. Sous-chef Victoria Childs was previously with Kathy G & Co and worked for a time as John Travolta's personal chef. She and Casey (who had taken an 8 month leave from the kitchen) introduced a new, more expansive menu in late 2008.

The business closed in 2010.

Preceded by:
Lakeview Bistro
725 29th Street South
2006 - 2010
Succeeded by:


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