Rock Wool Manufacturing Company

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The Rock Wool Manufacturing Company was founded by Edward Cusick Sr in 1943 in Leeds. Rock Wool is a type of blowable wool insulation used in residences. In the 1950s they expanded into the industrial insulation market.

The company came into trouble when it began creating products, specifically One Shot, and Delta Maif AF, that contained asbestos. In 1994 a jury found Rock Wool guilty of negligence by not placing hazard warnings on their products.

There were around 150,000 lawsuits filed in this period. During this time, George Cusick was the owner, and Edward Cusick Jr was the CEO.

In 1996, these lawsuits forced the company to file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy which allowed them to continue working and reorganize their systems. In 1999 the Rock Wool Manufacturing Company emerged from reorganization and created the Asbestos Resolution Trust to manage settlements.