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Rosemary Ann Morse (born 1921; died September 2007) was a bookkeeper and long-time Southside resident.

Morse grew up with her mother and three brothers in East Lake and graduated from Woodlawn High School. She completed her training at a local business college and began working at First Christian Church on 21st Street North. She became known for her generosity with her time, working seven days a week and volunteering to baby sit or visit members of the congregation who were sick or hospitalized.

After her brothers moved away, Morse and her mother moved to an apartment on Highland Avenue. There she cared for neighborhood cats, taking those she could catch to be neutered. She never drove, taking care of errands by walking to Five Points South or to the Western Supermarket and taking the bus to work.

In her 60s she became a daily companion and friend for widower Don Walters. They ate breakfast together at McDonald's on University Boulevard, watched baseball games, and went fishing at Hargis Retreat in Shelby County where Morse was a trustee and wedding coordinator.

Morse's health declined after Walters' death in 2004. She died in September 2007.


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