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The Shame Idols was Birmingham pop/punk band that was active from 1991 to 1999, and again from 2004 to 2006. The group originally consisted of Bryan Price and Tim Boykin on vocal harmonies and guitars, Jesse Suttles on drums, and Buddy Banks on bass. The reborn Shame Idols included Price and Boykin with Alan Helm on bass and Mikey Williams on drums.

The Shame Idols grew out of a late 1980s band, the Working Mothers which featured Price and Suttles, who quit to form the new band with Boykin, late of Carnival Season and Pinky the Stabber, and Banks. In the mid 1990s the Shame Idols released two albums on California's Frontier Records. Both were produced by Conrad Uno with cover art by Jaime Hernandez. Their third album, without Banks, was released under the name "The Lolas", a Boykin side project.

Price, who became disenchanted with the music business and dissolved the group in 1999 picked up a guitar again in 2004 and contacted Boykin about reviving the band. They released a single for the Low Dose Exposure compilation album on Skybucket Records in 2005 and by 2006 announced plans for recording for Japan's Wizard in Vinyl.

The Shame Idols appeared on the Homegrown Stage at the 2006 City Stages.


  • I Got Time. Frontier Records, 1995
  • Rocket Cat. Frontier Records, 1997


  • Burgess, Jeremy (June 9, 2006) "No shame in idol worship: Disbanded group reforms - and keeps old name." The Birmingham News

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