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Shift Workspace was a 4,000 square-foot coworking space at 2308 2nd Avenue North. It was created by Drew Jones in May 2009. In addition to leasing the space, Jones invested about $50,000 for furniture, equipment and minor renovations. The facility provided space and equipment for small business operations and freelance workers, with mail delivery and a shared receptionist. Besides the physical support for working, the space also fostered collaborative efforts and social networking.

Jones is a partner in Shift 101, a small consulting firm which researches contemporary and emerging work practices works with companies to put those ideas into practice. After a year-long lease, Jones closed the Birmingham workspace and began looking for sites in Austin, Texas to open a similar concept aimed more towards work groups from existing firms which needed additional space for particular projects. An additional site operates from Sydney, Australia.

Tenants at Shift Workspace included The Terminal and Spencer Wyatt.


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