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SoHo Square is a 4-story mixed-use redevelopment of a prominent block in the center of Homewood's downtown area, developed by Cyprus Partners and anchored by Homewood City Hall. The building was designed by Cohen Carnaggio Reynolds and built for $55 million. The name of the project originally referred to Homewood's status as the first suburb south of Birmingham, with a nod to the upscale neighborhood in London, and the arts district in New York City. In later marketing, the name was said to stand for "So Homewood".

McCrory Building Co. constructed the city hall portion, while Brasfield & Gorrie was the contractor for the flanking retail/office/residential buildings. Excavation began in May 2004 and the project was completed in 2005. KMA Commercial Real Estate was the leasing agent for the retail spaces.

The development, built over a covered underground parking garage, includes 50,000 square feet of ground floor retail and office space, some facing toward the interior "alleys" flanking the City Hall building. The front of the City Hall is in a postmodern neoclassical style with a central pediment and stepped terrace. It faces east onto a paved open courtyard with a central fountain, accessed from 19th Street South Homewood. Directly in front of the building, just behind the sidewalk, is a large flagpole and a historical marker describing the history of the city.

The upper floors are residential, originally sold as 76 1- to 4-bedroom condominiums, divided into SoHo Flats North and SoHo Flats South. All of the condo units were sold before the building opened at prices ranging from $198,000 to $700,000.

A surface parking lot stretches across the rear of the development.