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Star Lake Park in 2013

Star Lake Park is a five-acre public park on Star Lake Drive in Hoover near the Hoover Country Club. The park is dominated by the four-acre Star Lake, which started out as a small "cow pond" in a pasture. The lake was improved by William Hoover during the development of the country club and subdivision in the 1950s. The work was done by John Baird of Mac's Contracting Company. The lake and surrounding property was donated to the citizens of Hoover by William Hoover in 1973.

The park features 0.4-mile walking/jogging trail around the lake, a wooden pier, and picnic tables. Catch-and-release fishing is allowed, but no boating or swimming. A star-shaped "island" flying an American flag is located near the center of the lake, near a fountain spray. The lakeshore is populated by Canada geese, Muscovy ducks, mallards, red-eared sliders, river cooters and numerous smaller fish and birds accustomed to being fed by visitors.

Just outside the walking trail, the park is surrounded by three roads: Deo Dara Drive on the west, Oriole Drive on the east, and Star Lake Drive on the south. Deo Dara and Oriole drives intersect on the north side of the lake.

Deanna Owen Shumate, 68, of Morrilton, Arkansas, ran off the road at Deo Dara Drive and Club Drive after leaving her 50th Ensley High School reunion at the Hoover Country Club on May 17, 2013. Her car sank into Star Lake. She was rescued from the submerged vehicle by Hoover Fire Department personnel, but died later at Brookwood Medical Center.

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