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Survivors Campus Life Tours is a Riverside, California-based anti-abortion group which sends teams across the United States to demonstrate and distribute literature. On February 12, 2009 a 9-member team was demonstrating outside Parker High School. They were asked to leave the area by a school resource officer. When they refused, officers from the Birmingham Police Department took them into custody on charges of trespassing. The tour van was searched and towed and a video camera was confiscated from a group member.

The nine demonstrators, five females and four males, were booked at the Birmingham City Jail and remained in custody overnight. They were released on bond the next morning. Their video camera was returned the next day and the group has released video footage of their arrests.

Though police have stated that the group was on school property, members of the group maintain that they remained on the public sidewalk. They believe that the actions of the officers on the scene and at the jail indicate that the reason they were arrested was because of the content of their message. They have indicated that they would file suit against the department for violating their civil rights.


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