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I'm delighted to see a Bhamwiki entry on Pasquales--the quintessential Birmingham pizza chain (and I'm from Cincinnati and so remember Pasquales up there too--we moved to Birmingham in 1961).

The location on Oak St. in Crestline Village was there for many years---it was there in 1961 and we were delighted to discover it after moving from Cincinnati--and it survived, I think, at least into the '80s. For a brief time in the '90s someone tried another Pasquales on the square there, but it didn't last.

Me and my high school buddies kept the Eastwood Mall location in business in the late '60s through the '70s. Don't know when it closed, although I suspect it was when the Mall did that remodeling in the 1989 time frame, a time when many of the original tenants (Newberry's, et al) left. It was located in that breezeway next to the Winn Dixie and the Mall Theatre. Wonderful memories there. There's a photograph of its closed up store front that I took on my last trip to the Mall circa 2004 before the Mall was demolished (on Russell Wells' Eastwood Mall tribute site at (see second photo on page):

Finally, the Roebuck location lasted even when the neigborhood declined but is now closed. We now trek out to the Chalkville location next to Publix now for our Pasquales fix when we are in Birmingham.

It's a little appreciated fact that Pasquales sandwiches are really the family jewels of their menu--more so than the pizza. I always preferred the Hoagie (spelled Hoggie back in the '60s for some reason) and my brother went for the Strombili Steak sandwich. And the garlic bread? Oh, man!

I hope the new owners re-vitalize this venerable chain. I'm sure many Baby Boomers would flock back for a Hoagie!

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