John Hand Building Parking Deck

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This article refers to a building on 20th Street North. For the building on 19th Street North, see Taylor Lofts.

The John Hand Building Parking Deck, formerly called the Taylor Building is a parking deck with ground-floor offices that was constructed by the City of Birmingham in 1999 as part of a development agreement with the Taylor Acquisition Corporation, which was planning to redevelop the John A. Hand Building as headquarters for "The Bank".

It is located at 9 20th Street North, on the corner of Morris Avenue. The top level of the deck bridges over the avenue, and connects to the John A. Hand Building through a second-floor south lobby.

The offices were used as the headquarters for Superior Mortgage Corporation from 2008 to 2010. After the lease was signed in June 2007, the office portion was called the "Taylor Building" in honor of Jimmy Taylor, former CEO of Superior Bank. The bank's mortgage division moved their in March 2008, but moved to the Colonnade two years later.

In 2018 the Birmingham City Council approved a proposal to sell the parking deck to SPT Parking Deck LLC, a subsidiary of Shipt, for $1 million as part of an incentive package for the company's planned headquarters expansion.


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