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Established [[{{{established}}}]]
School type Public
District N/A
Grades {{{grades}}}
Principal [[{{{principal}}}]]
Enrollment {{{enrollment}}} ({{{enroll-year}}})
Colors {{{colors}}}
Mascot {{{mascot}}}
Location {{{address}}}
Website {{{website}}}


This template is for primary and secondary schools. The following parameters are required:

  • name (name of the school)
  • established (year founded; automatically linked)
  • grades (grade levels taught)
  • principal (automatically linked)
  • enrollment (total student population; automatically linked)
  • enroll-year (year of enrollment figure)
  • colors
  • mascot (school mascot/team names; use plural version)
  • address (number and street; manually link street name if desired)
  • city (automatically linked)

The following parameters are optional:

  • image (school crest, logo, or photo; include full image format (e.g. [[Image:HHS crest.jpg|250px]]); defaults to blank space)
  • type (typically Public or Private; defaults to "Public")
  • district (include link brackets (e.g. [[Homewood City Schools]]); defaults to "N/A")
  • head-type (typically Principal or Headmaster; defaults to "Principal")
  • website (official web site for the school; use normal external link format (e.g. [http://www.www.jcchs.org/ www.jcchs.org]); defaults to "None")


{{Infobox School
|name           =Homewood High School
|image          =[[Image:HHS crest.gif]]
|established    =1972
|district       =[[Homewood City Schools]]
|grades         =9-12
|principal      =Vic Wilson
|enrollment     =c. 1,000
|enroll-year    =2005
|colors         =Red, white, & blue
|mascot         =Patriots
|address        =1901 [[South Lakeshore Drive|S. Lakeshore Dr.]]
|city           =Homewood
|website        =[http://www.homewood.k12.al.us/hhs/ www.homewood.k12.al.us/hhs]
Homewood High School
HHS crest.gif
Established 1972
School type Public
District Homewood City Schools
Grades 9-12
Principal Vic Wilson
Enrollment c. 1,000 (2005)
Colors Red, white, & blue
Mascot Patriots
Location 1901 S. Lakeshore Dr.
Website www.homewood.k12.al.us/hhs