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Locate with
Google Maps


  • address (spaces must be replaced with "+")
  • city (defaults to "Birmingham")
  • state (defaults to "AL")
  • zoom (0-17, recommended 10-16, defaults to 15)
  • type ("m" for map (default), "k" for satellite, "h" for hybrid)

Locate with
Google Maps

{{Locate_address | address = 710+20th+St+N }}

Keep in mind that pointers based on a street address are approximate and occasionally wildly incorrect. You are encouraged to use the "Show preview" button and open the Google Maps link in a new window or tab to confirm the location displays as desired.

It is also possible to sometimes use a name rather than an actual street address. For example, Google Maps has Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park defined as Tannehill State Park, West Blocton, AL. Therefore, "Tannehill State Park" can be used as the address with a city of West Blocton.

Also note that floating an image to the right immediately below this template can cause the image to hide some of the text.