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  • street (spaces must be replaced with "+"; abbreviations ("Ave" for "Avenue") are preferred)
  • city (defaults to "Birmingham")
  • state (defaults to "AL")
  • zoom (0-17, recommended 10-16, defaults to 15)
  • type ("m" for map (default), "k" for satellite, "h" for hybrid)
  • text (link text, defaults to "map")

Keep in mind that pointers to a street sometimes yield unexpected results. You are encouraged to use the "Show preview" button and open the link in a new window or tab to confirm the location displays as desired.

Sometimes a ZIP code is needed to disambiguate streets. In this case, you can include it in the "state" parameter by setting it to "AL+<zip>", for example, "AL+35201".

[[20th Street North]] ({{Locate_street_inline | street=20th+St+N | state=AL+35203 }})

Will display:
20th Street North (map)

| street = 3rd+Ave+N
| text = 3rd Ave. N

Will display:
3rd Ave. N