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The Dexateens was a Southern-tinged punk rock band from Tuscaloosa made up of guitarists and vocalists Elliott McPherson and John Smith with bassist Matt Patton, and drummer Craig Pickering.

The group released five albums on Estrus Records and Skybucket Records as well as two EPs on smaller labels. Pickering left the group in 2007, followed by Smith in 2010. The group became largely inactive, but returned to the studio for an EP release in 2013 and wrote songs for a yet-to-be-released full-length album "This Machine Kills Americana".

Brian Gosdin and Lee Bains III came in to fill out the group, which usually performed in a five-man lineup with three guitars. Taylor Hollingsworth also filled in for road dates. The Dexateens performed at the 2009 Austin City Limits Music Festival.



  • The Dexateens (2004) Estrus Records
  • Red Dust Rising (2005) Estrus Records
  • Teenager EP (2006) Dellorso
  • Hardwire Healing (2007) Skybucket Records
  • Lost and Found (2008) Skybucket Records
  • Singlewide (2009) Skybucket Records
  • Sunsphere EP (2013) Cornelius Chapel

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  • Dowdy, Morgan (August 24, 2010) "Dexateens represent new South, new values." The Crimson White