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The Globe was a Shakespeare-themed fine-dining restaurant located at 430 Main Avenue in Northport. It was opened by Jeff Wilson and fellow actor Gary Wise in 1991 in space occupied by the Potager antique shop. Wilson created a limited menu of dishes combining world cuisine with names based on Shakespeare's works. Within nine months they were successful enough to expand and help establish downtown Northport as a cultural destination in the 1990s.

Wilson and his wife Kathy bought out Wise's share in 1998 and reaped the benefits of Northport's downtown renaissance until about 2004 when economic factors began to erode their customer base and the fall schedule of Alabama football games mainly featured evening contests which didn't bring fans out into the area to dine.

In February 2009, amid rumors that the business was failing, Wilson pledged to do everything he could to keep it running. He hadn't paid himself since October. When customers failed to rally he was left with no choice but to declare bankruptcy, closing on April 11.


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