Timeline of the Civil Rights Movement in Birmingham

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This is a Timeline of the Civil Rights Movement in Birmingham, covering related events throughout the Birmingham District during the Civil Rights Movement from 1935 to 1965:

Before 1954




The Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights (ACMHR) was created in June 1956.








Winter to early spring

A picketer outside Loveman's.

Birmingham Campaign (April 3-May 10)




  • Wednesday, September 25: Kenneth Royall and Earl Blaik arrived in Birmingham and were greeted by Mayor Albert Boutwell.
  • Wednesday evening, September 25: Two bombs exploded in Center Street South in Titusville, apparently intended to draw a crowd and then spray them with shrapnel. No one was hurt, but a deep crater was left in the street and shrapnel was sprayed into nearby walls.
  • Sunday, October 6: A full-page ad in the Birmingham News called on the City of Birmingham to consider hiring black police officers.
  • Sunday, October 20: Another full-age ad in the Birmingham News called on the city to tackle a number of unresolved tensions regarding race.
  • Tuesday, October 22: Birmingham rejected the proposal to hire black police officers.
  • Friday, November 22: President John Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.





Hosea Williams led marchers protesting the incarceration of Martin Luther King Jr and other Civil Rights leaders on contempt charges in November 1967.


After 1968

See also


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