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The Tragic City Rollers (TCR) are a female roller derby organization which was founded by Tammy Hallman in December 2005. In October 2010 the league joined the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) as a full member. The group practices at the Funtime Skate Center in Fultondale and hosts meets at the Zamora Shrine Temple.

The Rollers competed as a team in their first exhibition bout on April 23, 2006, a one point loss against Huntsville's well-established Dixie Derby Girls. Formal competition began on August 20, 2006. The first intra-TCR matchup, dubbed "The Uncivil War", pitted the Rollsheviks against the Hot Quads on February 25, 2007. The Hot Quads won the bout.

The organization has held several fund-raisers, including a benefit show at Cave 9 on March 11 and a car wash at Tom & Jerry's Food Mart on Highland Avenue on April 12. They also participated in the 2006 St Patrick's Day Parade downtown. They hosted a benefit for Rape Response called "Skate Against Rape" on April 29 at their home rink. Since then the team has partnered with a different charity each year in a program named in memory of former teammate Sally Slaughter.

Currently the Tragic City Rollers consist of three rosters, the competing "Tragic City All-Stars", a B-team called the "Iron City Maidens", and a junior squad of 9- to 18-year olds called the "Tragic City Trouble Makers". Team members pay dues to fund the program, with help from local sponsors, and are responsible for their own gear and travel. The team is coached by Brittany "Cutter" Garner.


The Rollers won their inaugural competition, the "Debut-Taunt Brawl", 145 to 104 against the Hard Knox Rollergirls, on August 20, 2006. They took on the Dixie Derby Girls on September 24, 2006 in "Iron Roll II", a rematch of their 1-point exhibition defeat in April. TCR came away with the victory 121 to 101. They next lost to the Atlanta Roller Girls 116 to 109 at "Invitation to Your Damnation" on October 22.


  • January 28: "Kick Ice" TRC's All-Stars 129 - Atlanta Roller Girls 117 at Fultondale.
  • February 25: "The Uncivil War" Rollsheviks vs. Hot Quads at Fultondale.
  • May: vs. Nashville Roller Girls in Fultondale.
  • May 20, 2007: Lost by 7 points at Carolina Roller Girls in Raleigh, North Carolina.
  • June: Won 121-82 at Knoxville
  • July 15: "Bama Bruise Fest" at Dixie Derby Girls in Huntsville
  • August 26: "Manhandle the Panhandle" vs. the Panama City Roller Derby in Fultondale.
  • September 23: "Homecoming Massacre-ade" vs. the Nashville Roller Girls in Fultondale.
  • December 16: "Sharing Different Heart Beats" charity bout with Southeastern all-stars in Fultondale. (Teams drawn by lottery, red defeated black 89-85)


  • March 2: Tragic City Rollers defeated Huntsvilles Dixie Derby Girls at Fultondale.
  • March 29: Tragic City Rollers defeated Nashville Roller Girls in Nashville.
  • June 28: "Temple of Doom" at Zamora Shrine Temple vs. Memphis Roller Derby
  • July 12: at Memphis Roller Derby.
  • August 30: vs. Atlanta Roller Girls at Zamora Shrine Temple
  • September 30: at Memphis Roller Derby
  • October: TCR Rollsheviks vs. TCR Hot Quads at Zamora Shrine Temple
  • November 29: vs. Birmingham Blitz Derby Dames at Birmingham, England
  • December: Southeast charity bout


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