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Travelers Aid of Greater Birmingham (TAGB) is an affiliate of Travelers Aid International of Washington DC that assists displaced persons, distressed travelers, and homebound elderly persons. Its local offices are located in the Arthur D. Shores Law Center at 1605 5th Avenue North.

The worldwide organization traces its history to an 1851 bequest from former St Louis, Missouri mayor Bryan Mullanphy to assist travelers, particularly women and children, who were moving to western states. In the early 20th century the Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) helped to spread the program to cities across the country. In Birmingham the YWCA partnered with the newly-organized Birmingham Terminal Company in 1907 to provide a traveler's aid station at Birmingham Terminal Station.

Currently the program provides support services including travel planning, counseling and financial assistance to stranded, displaced or distressed travelers as well as to residents who lack access to transportation. In many cases they have reunited separated families.

Travelers Aid of Greater Birmingham receives federal funding for its senior mobility programs, and is also supported by the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham, the Canterbury United Methodist Church's Beeson Trust, and United Way of Central Alabama.

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