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Tria Market, opened in April 2006, was a gourmet foods specialty store in Soho Square, Homewood. It was owned by local Piggly Wiggly operators Naseem Ajlouny, Andy Virciglio, and Basim Ajlouny as "NAB City Market, Inc." Tria closed on April 14, 2009, and was replaced by the restaurant Do Di Yo's spearheaded by George Sarris.

The store, which occupied 9,200 square feet, sold organic produce and meats, high-end grocery items, private-label foods, fine wines and fresh-baked good and prepared meals which could be taken home or eaten in the store's café. Additional features included "food seminars" on food preparation and products and a catering service.

Tria's executive chef, John Derrick, oversaw a staff of 20-25 food preparers who created the day's fresh offerings.

The Tria concept was expanded as a component of a new Piggly-Wiggly at the Riverview Center in Liberty Park.


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