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U.S. Highway 411 (also known as U.S. Route 411 or U.S. 411) is an alternate parallel-highway associated with U.S. 11. Highway 411 extends for about 313 miles from U.S. 78 in Leeds to U.S. 25 in Newport, Tennessee. U.S. 411 passes through northeastern Alabama, northwestern Georgia, and southeastern Tennessee.

U.S. 411 and U.S. 11 never intersect with one another, though they come very close in Birmingham; Gadsden; Cleveland, Tennessee; and Maryville, Tennessee. U.S. 411 also spends much of its route close to the Interstate Highway System: Interstate 40 (I-40), I-75, and I-59, though it never intersects I-59.

Route description

For notable locations on Highway 411 and additional intersections, select the individual road names in this section.

Most of the distance through which U.S. 411 passes is rural countryside, with no major metropolitan areas directly along its route. However, it does pass relatively near the major cities of Birmingham; Chattanooga, Tennessee; and Knoxville, Tennessee. Although U.S. 411 has a south–north designation, it contains long stretches that are west–east, and its overall direction is actually southwest–northeast.

From the highway's southern terminus at U.S. 78 in Leeds, it extends northeast as Ashville Road to Interstate 20. (The road actually continues southwest from U.S. 78 as Montevallo Road (Alabama Highway 119), but it is no longer a U.S. highway.) From the I-20 interchange, it continues northeast through Moody as Moody Parkway. The highway then continues northeast through Branchville, Odenville, and out into unincorporated St Clair County designated simply by its number. South of Ashville, U.S. 411 intersects and joins U.S. 231 as they continue north into Ashville as a single highway. U.S. 231 then branches off to the northwest in Ashville while U.S. 411 continues northeast through Gadsden to Leeburg, where the highway turns east, crossing the Coosa River and continuing into Georgia.


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