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The UAB Division of Special Studies began in 1973 as a component of University College. The division oversaw credit and non-credit education programs, certificate programs, mini-terms, weekend programs, and youth programs. In 1978 the director, John Anderson, was named as the Dean of Special Studies. In 1996, during a major reorganization, all credit and professional continuing education courses were transitioned from Special Studies to the various academic schools, and the newly created UAB Options program assumed responsibility for the remaining parts of Special Studies.


The Division offices were originally located on the west side of the UAB Campus and later moved to the Cudworth Building at 1919 University Boulevard. When Special Studies moved into the building, they renamed it as the UAB Continuing Education Center (CEC) on June 3, 1986. After they moved into the CEC, they built a pedestrian bridge that connected the building to the adjacent Hilton Hotel. The bridge fell into disrepair and was closed off for many years, but was renovated after the UAB Educational Foundation purchased the hotel in November 2016.

Locations of the original offices were in a cluster of small buildings on the west side of campus.