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This list was originally on my user page. On September 12, 2006, I decided it was getting too lengthy, so I moved it to its own page here. The following are the articles I have contributed or plan to (eventually). For bad photos I've contributed, see this gallery.

I stopped updating this page sometime in 2012, as I didn't see much point in it as is. The To Do list is still handy, though.

Past contributions

(Mostly) complete articles

Some of these articles are very thorough. Others could be expanded, but have enough detail to satisfy casual questions.




This is only a partial list of the more significant ones.

Categories and redirects

Sorry, I'm not tracking all of that. Let's just say I've done my fair share, particularly for Category:Years, Category:Streets, Category:Homewood, and Category:Redirects from alternate names.

Future contributions (To do)

If someone else beats me to these, great! And I make no promises to work on these soon.

See also: User:Lkseitz/test for a list of downtown streets.