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Vazda is a film and video production studio and post-production facility located in the former Roger's Trading Company Building on the corner of 1st Avenue North and 25th Street. The company's president is Jake McKenzie.

The company traces its founding to 1977, when Mike Strong created Strong Automotive Merchandising, an advertising agency which now does business as Intermark Group. In 1987 the agency launched Vazda as an in-house production studio with facilities in the Avon Theater building at 2829 7th Avenue South in Lakeview. The name was a play on the studio's first president, Allan Vajda.

The studio work kept coming and, in 1994, Vazda started taking on its own non-automotive clients. Jason Ruha, who had joined the company in 1991, took over as president in 2000 and formulated plans to expand into feature film production and support after General Motors moved its advertising production in-house.

In 2006 the company moved to their newly-renovated space in the Roger's building. The renovations were designed by the Garrison Barrett Group.


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