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The Vikings Motorcycle Club is a motorcycle club which meets at 1730 Avenue D in Ensley. It was founded in 1977 by "G. I. Joe" Jordan, and has more than 100 local members, as well as chapters in other southern states. The club's national president is Roger "Mr D" Davis, who has been a member since 1981. Members wear yellow and black with a viking logo. Women accepted as members of the club are called Viking Queens.

The Vikings are predominantly black, but have some white members. They reject the label of "outlaw", but do associate with some outlaw clubs. The Vikings organize various charity projects and often help out members who fall on hard times.

The club's chant is "Together we stand. Divided we fall. We do it together, or not at all. We love our brothers, that I declare. I am a Viking, that I swear."


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