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Vulcan Vape was a Birmingham-based e-cigarette and nicotine vaporizer retailer and wholesaler. The company was founded by Wes McDonald and Jake Waitzman (both also members of the rock band Vulture Whale). It debuted as an online store in September 2011.

In June 2012 Vulcan Vape's first brick and mortar store opened at 2783 B. M. Montgomery Street off Central Avenue in Homewood, and within a year moved to a larger space across the street. The business benefited from the 2012 smoking ban enacted by the Birmingham City Council.

Vulcan Vape expanded with the creation of a wholesale division, American Vape Supply LLC in 2013 and two additional stores, in Atlanta, Georgia and Nashville, Tennessee, were opened that year.

In late 2015 the business was sold to Vapor Corp. of Florida. That company closed the Birmingham location in 2018.


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