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WYSF (called The New 94.5 Birmingham's Hit Music) was a top-40 FM radio station in Birmingham, broadcast at 100 KW on FM 94.5 from 1996 to 2008. The station's studios were at Citadel's local offices at 244 Goodwin Crest Drive. The signal is transmitted, along with that of WZRR FM 99.5, from a 1,014 foot omnidirectional tower on Red Mountain (map).


In October 1994 Dick Broadcasting purchased Dittman Broadcasting's WAPI I-95 and switched the format to "hot adult contemporary" with the call letters WMXQ. In October 1996 the format was changed to "soft rock adult contemporary" with the new call letters WYSF, for "Your Soft Favorites" following the next month.

In 1999 WYSF landed the popular Rick and Bubba Show from WQEN FM 103.7, which had moved to Birmingham from Gadsden a year earlier. The station was purchased, along with Dick's other Birmingham properties, in 2000 by Las Vegas-based Citadel Broadcasting.

On January 3, 2007, the Rick and Bubba Show left WYSF for Cox Broadcasting's WZZK FM 104.7. The Mark and Mack Show was simulcast from sister station WAPI AM 1070, and became the morning show on January 23. After ratings plummeted from a 9.4 to a 1.2 share, the show was dropped after the May 24 broadcast in favor of the Dallas, Texas based "Kidd Kraddick in the Morning".


On May 25, 2007 Citadel's market manager Dale Daniels announced that station would change its format to "Hot Adult Contemporary" on May 29, aiming squarely at the audience of 30-40 year old women. Val Mining remained on board, along with Reg's Coffee House. Steve Robison and Amber Marie, veterans of WRAX-FM came on board for the afternoon drive and evenings. The station also served as the Birmingham affiliate for the Auburn Football Radio Network. The program director was Chip Arledge.

On July 4, 2008, immediately after broadcasting the soundtrack for Thunder on the Mountain, the station dropped its hot adult contemporary format. It played country music for two days before simulcasting programming from WJOX-FM on July 7. Scott Register, host of the long-running Reg's Coffee House, told readers of his website that he expected to remain in his Sunday afternoon time slot on the station. Register announced later that his show would be moved to FM 100.5 on July 27.

WJOX-FM took over the 94.5 frequency in July 2008. A new "adult album alternative" station, WWMM-FM began airing on 100.5.


  • weekday mornings: Kidd Kraddick in the Morning (syndicated)
  • weekday mid-days: Valerie and John Tesh (syndicated)
  • weekday afternoons: TBA
  • weekday evenings: John Tesh (syndicated)
  • Saturday mornings: TBA
  • Saturday mid-day: Valerie and John Tesh (syndicated)
  • Saturday afternoon: The Rotund One (Chip Arledge)
  • Saturday evening: Steve West
  • Sunday mid-day: Reg's Coffee House
  • Sunday evening: John Tesh (syndicated)


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