Walter Holmquist

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Walter Napoleon Holmquist (born August 22, 1892 in Washburn, Wisconsin; died September 6, 1976) was an architect and partner in the firm of Greer, Holmquist & Chambers.

Holmquist attended the University of Wisconsin from 1912 to 1915 and completed a bachelor of science at the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1920. He worked as a draftsman and structural designer for Peterson & Johnson until 1922, then as a superintendent for Johnson, Kaufman & Coates until 1925. He opened his own firm as a town planner and landscape architect and worked on the design of Smithfield Court and Elyton VIllage housing projects in the early 1930s, then worked for the State of Alabama Planning Board in 1936 and the United States Resettlement Administration in 1937.

Holmquist joined Dupree Greer and William Chambers in a new architecture firm in 1938. He and his wife raised three children. They resided at 1809 Oxmoor Road.


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