Watterson Parkway

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Watterson Parkway is a half-mile road serving as a connection between Highway 11/Gadsden Highway and South Chalkville Road in Trussville. Completed in 1994, this was constructed as a means to bypass the at-grade crossing of the Norfolk-Southern railroad tracks along South Chalkville Road as well as crossing Pinchgut Creek. Its construction served as a catalyst for the rapid development of southern Trussville and Roper Hill beginning in the mid-1990s.

Watterson overpass

With a need to establish additional access to the residential areas to the south of downtown, the idea of constructing a bridge was discussed as far back as the 1970s. By the mid 1980s, Jefferson County Commissioner Jim Gunter began pressuring Jefferson County to take action in the construction of a bridged route over the tracks through Trussville. Actual construction of the route was delayed due to difficulties in the acquisition of right-of-way, a bond issue and a bids coming in over the projected budget of the project. Construction would commence in 1993 with Alabama Bridge Builders completing the overpass in early 1994. The overpass officially opened to traffic on April 12, 1994.



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