Woodlawn Board of Aldermen

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The Woodlawn Board of Aldermen served the City of Woodlawn from its incorporation in 1891 until it was annexed into the City of Birmingham by the Alabama legislature as part of the Greater Birmingham movement in 1910.


Serving under Mayor J. B. Burris in 1905 were G. W. Hopson, E. Brewer, W. E. Perryman, E. I. Morrison, R. K. Kennedy, R. S. Ruter, and J. L. Chamberlain.


The names of the 1908 Board of Aldermen are inscribed in the cornerstone of the 1908 Woodlawn City Hall on 1st Avenue North. The following men served under Mayor W. E. Perryman: A. L. Miller Sr, J. B. Gibson, A. R. Moore, T. W. Greene, C. L. Clapp, I. E. Hood, J. L. Burns, W. L. Robertson, J. M. Morgan, Eugene Whaley, and P. J. Duffin.