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Woodrow Hall (formerly the Woodlawn Masonic Temple) is a 21,000 square-foot, three-story event center and office building located at 5500 1st Avenue North in downtown Woodlawn. The building was built in 1914 for the Woodlawn Fraternal Lodge No. 525. The lodge vacated the building in 2004.

The building was purchased in 2007 by Community Property Development LLC, a partnership of Andrew Morrow, Jamie Cawood and Andrew Capstickdale. They invested $400,000 in renovating it for event and office space and renamed it "Woodrow Hall". The main reception room is 2,000 square feet and has hosted events for nearly 200 people. Offices in the building are occupied by the Ann Day Lawrence law firm, Box, an architecture firm, and Desert Island Supply, a non-profit tutoring service.

The owners have sought a restaurant and caterer for long-term occupancy of the ground floor space. In 2013 part of the space was leased to Red Mountain Makers for their community tech workshop.



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