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X Fest was a series of music festivals put on by WRAX-FM ("105.9 the X", later "107.7 the X") between 1997 and 2002. It was part of a national series of "X Fests" organized by Clear Channel for their alternative rock radio stations, all of which were branded as "The X".

X Fest I was held at Oak Mountain Amphitheater on April 26, 1997. Acts included Ben Folds Five, and Better Than Ezra

X Fest II was held on April 24, 1998.

X Fest III took place on May 20-21, 1999. Acts included My Friend Steve, Mr Henry, Marvelous 3, Citizen King, Train, BR5-49, and Collective Soul.

X Fest IV was held on May 15, 2000. Acts included Filter, 3 Doors Down, Guster, Our Lady Peace, and Tonic.

X Fest V took place in 2001. Performers included Wayne.

X Fest VI was held on April 23, 2002. Acts included Puddle of Mudd and Wayne.