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Yakov Kasman (born c. 1967 in Orel, Russia) is a pianist and professor of piano at UAB. He won a silver medal at the 1997 Van Cliburn International Piano Competition.

His parents played classical music in their home and he loved it from the beginning. They enrolled him in a music school and he eventually won a place in the Music College of the Moscow Conservatory, and then, after four years, in the Conservatory itself.

During two years of mandatory military service, Kasman was stationed at Russia's eastern borders and played drums and brass in a small military band. Afterward he returned to the Conservatory and earned the right to represent his country in international competitions. He won awards in London, Tel Aviv, St Petersburg, Rome and Paris. After finishing at the Conservatory, he earned a post-graduate degree and joined the faculty of the Music College. At the age of 30 he entered the 10th Van Cliburn Competition in Fort Worth, Texas.

As the silver medal winner, Kasman was contracted to play a concert for the Huntsville Chamber Music Guild in Alabama. He befriended patrons Bill and Margaret Lindberg, who then worked with others in the community to establish a fellowship at the University of Alabama in Huntsville that would allow him to remain in Alabama with his wife and daughter.

Later Kasman was hired to join the UAB faculty as assistant professor and artist in residence. He has devoted himself to teaching, even while continuing his international performing and recording career.


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  • Crowe, Christina (April 16, 2009) "The Talent: Hidden in the hallways of the University of Alabama at Birmingham campus is one of the world's finest piano players." Black & White

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