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Yeh Man Jamaican Restaurant is a quick-service restaurant located at 1623 4th Avenue North, adjacent to the Carver Theater. It was opened in the mid-2000s by David _____ and Alvin Binns, a native of Spanish Town, Jamaica, who helped to develop the menu.

The restaurant features an array of Jamaican and Caribbean cuisine including jerk chicken, curry goat, brown stew chicken, and beef patties. Most dishes are between $10-$15 and include rice, beans, and cabbage. The restaurant's jerk spice is generally to the milder end of the spectrum, with special sauce available for customers who prefer more heat.

The inside of the restaurant is painted a vibrant yellow. Flags from Caribbean nations cover the walls and soulful reggae is regularly played through the speakers near the front door. An array of colorful, fruit flavored sodas are available at the counter. Posters for shows and local festivals accompany the flags inside. The restaurant is popular among UAB students and those interested in authentic Jamaican flavor.


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