Alabama Methodist Episcopal Conference

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The Alabama Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church was a regional unit of the denomination that included churches in the Birmingham area until 1939. In 1844, most, but not all, Alabama Methodist churches withdrew from the national Methodist Episcopal Church to form the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Those that remained continued in the MEC's Alabama Conference.

In 1876, African American congregations in the Alabama Conference were segregated into the Central Alabama Conference, making the Alabama Conference an organization of only white-majority churches. The Central Alabama Conference remained a separate unit until after the formation of the United Methodist Church in 1968.

In 1939, the Methodist Episcopal Church, South and Methodist Episcopal Church reunited and the Birmingham area churches in the Alabama Conference were incorporated into the North Alabama Conference of the Methodist Church.

In 1926, the Birmingham District of the Alabama Conference consisted of 26 churches including the following in the Birmingham-area: