Mark Lindsey

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"Don't Ever Stop" by Paul Cordes Wilm

Mark Jonathan Lindsey (born c. 1972; died February 14, 2019 in Birmingham) was a musician and instrument maker.

Lindsey was the son of Bob and Barbara Lindsey of Vestavia Hills, the owners of Lindsey Office Furnishings in downtown Birmingham.

Lindsey was undergoing treatment for prostate cancer at UAB Hospital when he began taking to the streets on a one-wheel motorized skateboard, wearing his hospital gown and nephrostomy bags. Robed and bearded with flowing hair, he became known as "Onewheel Jesus". Will Lochamy and Scott Register interviewed him on Birmingham Mountain Radio in September 2018. In January 2019 Lochamy started an online fund-raiser to commission a painting of Lindsey from Paul Cordes Wilm, captioned "Don't Ever Stop," and display it on the side of his parents' building on Morris Avenue.


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