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The Westside Courier is an online newspaper published by Bennetta Wyatt with her husband, Johnnie Wyatt as managing editor. The site, which launched in July 2009, aims to publish positive stories alongside community resources for the western section of the Birmingham metropolitan area.

Sections include a "Representative's Corner" with messages from local politicians, a church directory, college and high school football schedules, and spotlight pages for political candidates and area businesses. "The Westside Story", Johnnie Wyatt's weekly opinion column, is also featured on the site. Other contributers include financial columnist Harry Chambers, sports writer DaMarcus Miller,

Communities with their own sections include Adamsville, Bessemer, Birmingham, Brighton, Docena, Ensley, Fairfield, Forestdale, Graysville, Hueytown, McCalla, Midfield, Mulga, Oak Grove and Pleasant Grove.

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