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Birmingham circa 1914

1914 was the 43rd year after the founding of the city of Birmingham.


Harry Coveleski





  • The Book of Birmingham and Alabama, by the Birmingham Ledger
  • The Case Against the Little White Slaver. by Henry Ford, with an account of research done at Ensley High School.
The Tutwiler



Sun Ra




1914 saw the opening of major conflict in World War I. The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) was founded. Mother's Day was made a national holiday by President Wilson. Ireland was granted Home Rule. Babe Ruth debuted in the major leagues with the Boston Red Sox. The Panama Canal Treaty was signed and the canal opened to traffic. Pope Pius X was succeeded by Pope Benedict XV. The Federal Reserve Bank opened for business. Stainless steel was first available in consumer goods. Mohandas Gandhi began to lead the movement for Indian independence. The first air conditioner was patented by W. H. Carrier.

Notable births of 1914 include Danny Thomas, William S. Burroughs, Ralph Ellison, Alec Guinness, Joe Louis, Yuri Andropov, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr, Allen Funt, Dylan Thomas, Jonas Salk, and Joe DiMaggio. Deaths in 1914 included Adlai Stevenson, Archduke Ferdinand of Austria, Pope Pius X, and John Muir. Notable films of 1914 included The Squaw Man, Tillie's Punctured Romance, and Charlie Chaplin's Making a Living. Books published in 1914 included The Dubliners by James Joyce and Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs. W. C. Handy's St Louis Blues was published, and Ralph Vaughan Williams London Symphony (No. 2) was premiered.

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