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1983 was the 112th year after the founding of the city of Birmingham.













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In 1983 Annie closed on Broadway after 2,377 performances. Kilauea began erupting on Hawai'i. Björn Borg retired from tennis. The Redskins beat the Dolphins 27-17 in Super Bowl XVII. Seatbelts became mandatory. Iran invaded southeastern Iraq. The first Swatch watches hit the market. President Reagan called the USSR an "evil empire". Michael Jackson performed his first moonwalk. Gandhi won the Best Picture Oscar. Tokyo Disneyland opened. Sally Ride broke the astronaut gender barrier. A Soviet jet shot down Korean Air Flight 007 over Soviet airspace. Tom Brokaw took over the NBC Nightly News anchor desk. Vanessa Williams won the Miss America pageant. The Baltimore Orioles won the World Series. The US Embassy and two Marine barracks were damaged by terrorists in Beirut, Lebanon. The United States invaded Grenada. Microsoft released its "Word" word-processor. Martin Luther King Day became a national holiday. Argentina returned to civilian rule. The Detroit Pistons won a record high-scoring game against the Denver Nuggets, 186-184. Brunei won its independence from the UK. The internet debuted with ARPANET's change to IP addressing.

Notable 1983 births include Kate Bosworth, Carrie Underwood, Jay Cutler, and Vince Young. Deaths in 1983 include those of Karen Carpenter, Tennessee Williams, Hergé, Gloria Swanson, Buckminster Fuller, David Niven, Ira Gershwin, Lépold III of Belgium, Slim Pickens, and Joan Miró. Lech Wałęsa won the Nobel Peace Prize. The top-grossing films of 1983 were The Return of the Jedi, Terms of Endearment, Flashdance, Trading Places, WarGames and Octopussy. Terms of Endearment dominated the Oscars. Notable books of 1983 included Jackie Collins' Hollywood Wives, Stephen King's Christine and Pet Sematary, and James Michener's Poland. Alice Walker's The Color Purple won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.

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