2005 Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival

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The 2005 Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival, held on September 23-25, was the 7th in the annual series.


  • Best Feature: The Puffy Chair
  • Best Director, narrative feature: Andrew Bujalski (Mutual Appreciation)
  • Special Mention: Four Eyed Monsters
  • Best Ensemble Cast: Swimmers
  • Best Cinematography: Americano
  • Best Documentary, feature length: Lucha Libra: Life Behind the Mask
  • Best Short Documentary: Charles Moore: I Fight With My Camera
  • Special Jury Award for Cultural Significance: Music is My Life, Politics My Mistress
  • Best Student Documentary: Miss Lil's Camp
  • Best Short: SPAM-KU
  • Best Student Film: Test Day
  • Best Animated Film: Quest for the Orb
  • Kathryn Tucker Windham Storytelling Award: Pee Shy
  • Special Jury Prize for Short Films: Dare
  • Audience Choice Award: Novem
  • Audience Choice Documentary: Favela Rising
  • Audience Choice Short: Pee Shy
  • Audience Choice Alabama Short: A Modest Proposal
  • Alabama Citation, Excellence in Imagery: Mindwalk
  • Alabama Citation, Excellence in Cinematography: The Girlfriend/Who Killed Tangerine?
  • Alabama Citation, Excellence in Casting: Air Band
  • Alabama Citation, Excellence in Multimedia: Portrait of a Girl
  • Alabama Citation, Excellence in Soundtrack: Mindwalk
  • Alabama Citation, Excellence in Animation: The Fanciful Gentleman
  • Alabama Citation, Excellence in Drama: Birthday Wish
  • Alabama Citation, F***ing Funny Awards: The 3 R's, A Modest Proposal, Testosterino
  • Alabama Citation, Excellence in Student Filmmaking: Straw Man Unyielding
  • Alabama Citation, Excellence in Cinematic Innovation: Gratuitous
  • Alabama Citation, Excellence in Acting: Austin McDonald (Straw Man Unyielding), George Milton (A Modest Proposal), Stephanie Schnorbus (The Girlfriend), Stephen Williams (Straw Man Unyielding)
  • Sidewrite Grand Prize: Muckfuppet by Kenn McCracken
  • Production Prize: Waiting by Mary Cathryn Wendt
  • Alabama Student Filmmaking Grand Prize: The Force of Attraction
  • Alabama Student Filmmaking Special Jury Prize: The Weight of Life
  • Alabama Student Filmmaking Special Mention: Free Running
  • "Spirit of Sidewalk" award: John C. Reilly.

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