34th Street North

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34th Street North is a north-south street, primarily in Collegeville.

A 1-block section of 34th Street North connects the eastern end of the 1st Avenue Viaduct to 2nd Avenue North near the Thomas School. Another section runs between 8th Avenue North and 12th Avenue North just west of Vanderbilt Road. The Collegeville section begins at 27th Avenue North and terminates at Fred L. Shuttlesworth Drive near the former Calloway School.

34th Street Fultondale, in the Lewisburg Gardens community of Fultondale, can be seen as a continuation of the same street north of 57th Avenue and south of Five Mile Creek.

Birmingham City Council District 4 representative Maxine Parker has lobbied the federal government for a vehicular overpass where 34th Street crosses railroad tracks between 28th and 32nd Avenues North. She managed to secure $6.3 million in Federal funding that would have to be matched, over the course of the project, by $2 million in local funds. The overpass is scheduled for completion in 2014.

Notable locations

For an alphabetical list of locations, see the 34th Street North category.


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