4266 5th Avenue South

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4266 5th Avenue South is a private residence, built c. 1912, at 5th Avenue South and 43rd Street South, near Avondale Park in Forest Park-South Avondale. It is a contributing structure to the Avondale Park Historic District in the National Register of Historic Places.

The two-story, gabled Colonial Revival-style wood-frame house occupies a 1/3-acre lot. The 3-bay front facade is divided horizontally by a projecting eave, interrupted by an shallow-arched door cover supported on colonettes. The wast gable end has a brick chimney. A glazed sunroom occupies the southeast corner of the house.

The home was extensively restored and remodeled by Coby Lake's Turn Key Homes in 2017. An open side porch was added on the west, overlooking a walled gravel parking court. It was listed for sale in April 2018 for $650,000.

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