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Sixth Avenue North is an east-west street running through downtown Birmingham. The westernmost section by that name ends at Center Street, although the road continues further west as 6th Avenue West. The main section ends at Carraway Boulevard in the east, although additional segments can be found further east, particularly in East Lake.

Between 9th Street North and Carraway Boulevard, 6th Avenue is one way westbound and three lanes wide. At the east end, off-ramps from Interstate 20/59, both east- and westbound exit in line with 6th Avenue. An Interstate 65 south off-ramp ends at 6th Avenue feeding into 10th Avenue North while an I-65 north on-ramp splits from 11th Avenue North just north of 6th Avenue.


Electric lights were installed on 6th Avenue North from 17th to 25th Street in 1945 under the city's contract with the Birmingham Electric Company.

6th Avenue North was converted from two-way to one-way (westbound) traffic was from Red Mountain Expressway to 9th Street North in 1973 by the Alabama Department of Transportation's TOPICS (Traffic Operations Program to Increase Capacity and Safety) program.

Notable locations

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