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Seventh Avenue South (originally Avenue G) is an east-west corridor in downtown Birmingham, with its main section stretching from 11th Street South on the UAB campus to 32nd Street South in Lakeview.

A short section west of I-65 is accessible from 8th Street South. Another short section east of the former Lakeview Park jogs between 34th and 36th Avenue South and between 39th and 40th Avenue South near Avondale Park. To the east of the park, 7th Avenue South appears again in Crestwood North and between Exeter and Frankfurt Avenues north of Crestwood Boulevard in Gate City.

Parts of 7th Avenue South between 22nd and 32nd Streets South are included in the Southside Historic District. Between 34th and 47th Street South, 7th Avenue forms a boundary of the Avondale Park Historic District.

The section between 20th and 24th Street South was part of U. S. Highway 31 before the construction of the Elton B. Stephens Expressway. The Birmingham Metropolitan Planning Organization's 2003 Birmingham Regional Transportation Alternatives Analysis envisioned adding light rail to the downtown section of 7th Avenue South.

7th Avenue, from 20th Street to Lakeview, is part of the route of Birmingham's annual Gay pride parade.

Notable locations

North & South Titusville neighborhoods

Five Points South neighborhood

Southside neighborhood

Forest Park-South Avondale neighborhood

East Avondale neighborhood

Crestwood North neighborhood

Unknown addresses