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Bhamwiki is not requesting donations.

We do hope our readers will support Birmingham's local charities, musicians, independent publishers, restauranteurs, artists, and retailers.


Merchandise emblazoned with the dashing Bhamwiki logo has been made available at

A small portion of net sales goes toward the site's maintenance and improvement, but really the only reason to order is because you want cool-looking stuff that identifies you as one of the cognoscenti.

Currently there are several flavors of t-shirts along with a tote bag, binder and mug (perhaps useful to contributors)


The opportunity to be a "site sponsor" for Bhamwiki is being offered on a provisional quarter-by-quarter basis. Bhamwiki is a non-commercial private enterprise, not a registered non-profit. Sponsor funding will go to support the expansion of the site as a free, editorially-independent service to users.

No editorial control is ceded to sponsors, though contributions are welcome as permitted by our guidelines on conflicts of interest. We will make efforts to work with sponsors to add, update and expand coverage on topics of importance to our readership. Grateful acknowledgement of sponsorship will be made on the front page with a link to the main article about the sponsoring organization, which will then have its own link to an external website.

For further details, contact the site administrators at admin at (replace "at" with @).